Hard Times For Glendale Smokers: Following Los Angeles' ban of…

Following Los Angeles' ban of smoking in farmers' markets comes word that Glendale has banned smoking in many public areas, including some parts of outdoor restaurants, as well as parks, parking lots and ATM lines, according to the Contra Costa Times. (Additionally, it's banned at on all private property such as Americana at Brand, according to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, but we thought that ban was already in place.) It's not clear how effective this ban will be since Burbank enacted a similar ban last year, and there have been 800 citations since then in Burbank, according to the paper. In Glendale, the fine will be $100, but there is a warning period and the ticketing is expected to begin next spring. [Contra Costa Times]For more stories from Curbed LA, go to la.curbed.com.

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