Harry Potter Meets The Magic Castle

Draco and Ron do a fashion shoot at a Tinseltown landmark.

Band of Outsiders

Now you see them, now you don't even know what to say about two of the big "Harry Potter" actors goofin' around The Magic Castle for clothing company Band of Outsiders.

That's not true. We do know what to say: oh yeah.

Band of Outsiders, which has a rep for rounding up major actors and snapping Polaroidian pics of those actors, scored a coup by scoring Rupert Grint and Tom Felton for a fashion shoot. Weren't those two guys in the summer's biggest film? And one of moviedom's biggest franchises? Yes. They most certainly were.

The snapshots show the actors at the Victorian-whimsical magic club. In one shot they're acting up in the driveway. In another they're lounging at one of the tables where magicians regularly ply their sleight-of-hand trade.

The Magic Castle alerted fans to the shoot (they also linked to several pictures on an ELLE page, so props to ELLE). The Castle, of course, is chuffed. But who would't be? After all, "Harry Potter" is synonymous with castles and magic. Mr. Grint and Mr. Felton are a bit cheeky, like conjurers and razzmatazzers tend to be. And Band of Outsiders gets props for pairing the perfect place with the perfect people.

People, will add, who look mighty abracadapper. Mighty abracadapper, indeed.

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