Hasta, Winter: Bear Mountain Says Adieu

Crave one last run? The time is nigh. Really, really nigh.

AN APRIL CITY SHOWER... can send the thoughts of those who savor snow to higher elevations. Questions bubble up, like "is there still snow on my go-to slope?" And "is the season still trucking at my favorite mountain resort?" And "can I squeeze one last run in before officially stowing my board for the next six months?" Ponder these questions no longer, buffs of Bear Mountain, and get driving: The SoCal-close destination has announced a close-up date on its 2015-2016 season, and it is as nigh as nigh things possibly get. 

SUNDAY, APRIL 10... is the last day of the season at the Big Bear-close slopes, and while that seems a mite early, it is actually impressive, thanks to the El Niño action seen over the past few months. It's "the latest closing day for the Southern California resort in years," says a representative, which is means a lot of fans got a lot of skiing in. Not to mention some hearty March flakeage, thanks to a late-in-the-month storm that dropped about a half foot of the cold stuff. There is the slight chance that the resort could return, for but a day or two, if an extraordinary (and extraordinarily cold) spring storm brings more snow after April 10. But if this is one of your go-to spots, best go now.

TWO MORE THINGS: Mammoth Mountain recently announced that it is keepin' on through Memorial Day Weekend, and maybe later. And if you like biking around the Snow Summit area, stay tuned; the bike park has a "probably" opening date of June 3, 2016.

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