Haunted Houses for Sale

Who's buying LA's creepiest spots?

When it comes to haunted houses, most folks are content to live vicariously through scary movies and an annual spooky tour or two. But there are those with a morbid fascination with the real thing -- or at least Hollywood's version of the real thing.  The City of Angels is packed with terror-inspiring abodes (maybe so those angels can watch over them?). These are some of our favorites:

Back in 2006 the Nightmare on Elm Street house on Genessee was for sale. Truly haunted, or just filled with the echoes of Freddy's screeching dagger digits and Nancy's pleas for a good night's sleep? No doubt a cozy slice of heaven for horror buffs.

Originally located in Carpenteria, CA, Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' house and the Bates Motel are now part of Universal Studios. But you can find houses near the Bates Road offramp for a chilling $4.55 million.

Fans of voyeuristic thriller 'Disturbia' will be happy to note its creepy Craftsman is for sale. Is it the nooks-and-crannies architecture that appeals, or the prime Peeping Tom opportunities? No discount for pretend dead bodies, though -- this one's going for $1.23 million.

Would you buy a horror house? If you prefer to stay on the outside of the creaking porch looking in, check out these low-commitment (and less expensive) LA Halloween events.

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