Hello, Delicious Cheap Egg Salad Sandwich

There's a strong LA-PHX connection -- proximity creates strong bonds, and proximity, in the desert Southwest, means cities that are about six hours apart by car -- and that bond is showing stronger in our mutual affection for La Grande Orange.

Don't even start a Phoenician on the Scottsdale-based La Grande Orange Grocery, atmospheric home to savory breakfasts and famous English muffins; they'll get to talking, or raving, really (we recently had a pal admit she rented an apartment to be closer to the cafe). But now Angelenos have seen what the buzz is about, first with the upscale La Grande Orange in Pasadena, and now with the Main Street LGO in Santa Monica, which just opened last week.

Unlike the Pas branch, the SM outpost looks early morning-ish in addition to dishing up lunches and dinners; we're particularly intrigued by the Cheap Egg Salad Sandwich -- that's bravado, putting "cheap" in a menu item title (we like) -- and the Fried Matzo with apple sauce. If breakfasting at the always bustling AZ location has shown us anything, it's that portions will be large and flavors fresh. And yes, oh yes: we've spied Homemade English Muffins on the menu. They won't disappoint. 200 Main Street, Santa Monica

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