Help Donate Food on World AIDS Day

In honor of World AIDS Day on December 1, 2014, AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) is conducting an LA County-wide food drive, asking the community to help donate non-perishable food items and personal hygiene items for persons living with HIV/AIDS.  Donations will help to supplement the groceries available at APLA’s Vance North Necessities of Life Program food pantries every week.

Proper nutrition is critically important to the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS. APLA sees more than 11,000 low-income clients annually who have an average income of less than $800 a month.

The Vance North Necessities of Life Program operates eight food pantries across Los Angeles County, including Santa Monica, Lancaster, North Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, South L.A., Long Beach, Claremont, and Pasadena.  Clients are able to bring home the equivalent of four bags of groceries every week at no charge.

Through December 25, APLA invites the community to purchase and donate non-perishable items, and/or conduct a food drive of their own.

Items can include whole grain cereal, canned meats, canned fruits and vegetables, chicken or vegetable stock, peanut butter, cooking oils, non-perishable 100% juices, evaporated milk, coffee and teas.

Personal hygiene items including toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, mouthwash, and feminine hygiene products are also needed.

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