Helping Koalas, Near and Far

MAJOR MARSUPIAL: Who owns the "aw" in the animal world? Sorry. Make that the "awwwwww"? Okay. Tiny otters are up there on the awwwwww scale. Anything with downy feathers tends to occupy a top spot, too. But hands -- or claws, rather -- down, the koala kind of is permanently at the apex of that particular hill. Or perhaps we should say that particular eucalyptus tree. Can you not awwwwww over a photograph of a placid, slightly plump marsupial gnawing on a large leaf? No. You cannot. But no one cannot awwwwww. Which is one reason, among many important reasons, to lend a hand and some pledges at the San Diego Zoo's annual Walk on the Wild Side.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: The Saturday, Oct. 15 event will raise money for koalas that are at the zoo and living in the wild. So you can be assured that your funds, or the funds you gather, will go the distance. You can read more about the conservation at the heart of this big event, or just get more info on participating or donating. Koalas! Koalas. Sometimes we just want to type the word "koalas" over and over to show our devotion. Like writing the name of a favorite band on a three-ring binder. Koalas are our favorite band, is what it comes down to.

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