Here Come the $4.05 Deals

The big freeway is closing, and local businesses are getting creative.

In a cheeky case of making lemonade of out lemons, some businesses are viewing the mega-much-touted-oh-no-its-coming weekend-long closure of the 405 as an opportunity.

How? Deals to the tune of $4.05 off are popping up here and there, as are items priced at a discounted $4.05. We've already seen a few, but bet as Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 draws closer several restaurant and stores will be jumping on the bandwagon. (Please just make sure that bandwagon is *not* on the 405 between the 10 and the 101. Thank you.)

All Tender Greens locations will be offering "a selection of hand-crafted beer on tap" for $4.05 on July 16 and 17. Does the company recommend walking to the Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Culver City locations? Oh yes. Best leave your vehicle stowed.

And the city of Santa Monica, which will be 405-impacted more than most -- best thoughts, Santa Monica -- has kindly rounded up several deals. Double Shaka is giving 40.5 percent off particular goods, and Arm Candy handbags has the "405 Special" on (get $45 shaved off anything you buy that's over $300).

Wilshire Restaurant is also doing four courses for $40.05.

All $4.05ing aside, should we consider patronizing those businesses that will have to close due to the weekend roadwork? We mean patronize them before and after the big weekend, to lend a little extra love? Yes. Certainly if your favorite shop or restaurant is somewhere off the route, they'll welcome an extra visit or two in the days to come (or the days following July 16-17).

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