Heritage Square's Future-Forward First

The historic district announced plans for a new building.

Heritage Square is all about buildings that have been around for about a century, right? We mean. It's got "heritage" in its very name, so that must be the case.

And it has been the case for much of the 110-close district's history, a history that's been built around rescuing buildings slated for demolition or structures in need of a little TLC.

Now the Square is set to break ground on its first new building ever. If you're thinking "new building" and wondering if a glass-and-steel type dealie will sit amongst all of those stately Victorians, that will not be the case. It'll be a classic drugstore, complete with soda fountain. (Although a classic drugstore done in steel and glass does sound like something from a sci-fi film. Hollywood? Hello?)

October 9 is the break-ground date. And the building's official name? Colonial Drug, George A. Simmons, Proprietor. We like a person's name in a building. Modern namers of buildings, why don't you do this?

Let us also pause and add that George A. Simmons is not a fictional name created solely for the building; Mr. Simmons served as a Los Angeles pharmacist for many years. To honor his memory, the Simmons family is donating much of the pharmacist's "huge inventory of sundries and proprietaries" to Heritage Square. This is nice. Would you like to be remembered in association with your calling? A job you loved? It's rather moving.

An exhibit looking back at drugstores of yore will also debut on Sunday, Oct. 9.

Colonial Drug will open in 2012.

The house pictured above is of course not the drugstore. Have you visited Heritage Square recently? There are several Halloween-themed events ahead.

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