Hilarious, and 100% Not for Kids. Seriously.

We've come to expect talking, bow-tied, furry creatures stuck on humans' hands to be sweet and PG-y -- or even strictly G -- and not threatening at all. That's why "Puppet Up! Uncensored" is such a total surprise and delight. Helmed by Jim Henson Company people -- think Muppets, "The Dark Crystal," and "Labyrinth" -- "Puppet Up!" is a monthly-ish show at Avalon Hollywood starring cute, cloth performers that have some very grown-up things to say. So grown-up that no one under 18 is permitted. How much do we love a puppet show where you have to be carded to ensure that you're *over* 18? Novel, very novel indeed.

Improvisation is a part of the evening. As are outlandish scenarios. And highly rude, crude and very funny, did-that-sweet-fuzzy-thing-just-utter-that-foul-expletive moments. Language, in a puppet performance? Oh, you bet.

You can also see the humans actually controlling the puppets, their expressions and reactions, which also sets it apart from the kiddie-focused shows where the people are completely hidden from view. Expect the show to tickle that part of your brain that still loves wonder and imagination, while entertaining that part of your noggin that adores a wicked, cover-the-children's-ears kind of joke.

"Puppet Up! Uncensored"
Saturday, January 10, 8PM
Avalon Hollywood
1735 Vine, Hollywood

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