Historic Do-Over for Hollywood Landmark

The Lasky-DeMille Barn gets a fresh coat of paint. And more.

Hollywood Heritage Museum

Do you have that one building or house on your street that makes you go a little "gah" every time you see it?

You know what we mean by "gah." It's the reaction you have when you see a quirky or gorgeous historic property that has been painted, shall we say, in a rather garish, look-at-me tone.

Well, garishness is one of LA's charms, for sure, but significantly historic properties should keep fairly close to how they looked from the outset, at least for authenticity's sake.

It doesn't happen often that a building gets to return to its roots, but that's exactly what has happening for the Lasky-DeMille Barn, which is located across Highland from the Hollywood Bowl. The film-important barn, which is home to the Hollywood Heritage, just shuttered for a week to make a few vital fixes and updates.

And when we say "updates" we do, in part, mean, um, "pastdates" (okay, we made that up, but follow, please). A few things at the barn were brought closer to how the building looked a century ago. Most noticeable, perhaps? The paint job. The new color is more in line with the building's early 20th century style. (Of course, the barn was in no way garish before the paint job, but the hue wasn't spot on.)

Is this coinciding, quite nicely, with the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures, which has a long history with the film location? Why yes.

Oh, and that new/old hue? "(A) glorious gray," say the barn people.

Hollywood Heritage runs a lot of interesting events during the year dealing with, yep, the movies, but also stories of Tinseltown. It's a great way, too, to wander inside one of our town's oldest and most historic structures.

Okay, other garish-looking buildings. Which of you is up next for the brush?

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