History and Food: On Foot in San Francisco

Stay at the historic Washington Square Inn and get a deal on a walking tour.

SO MANY HILLS... or not? Oh, San Francisco, we feel you on the hill front, we really do. Even people who know you well can claim that you're all high-angled hills and steep drops, when that is not the case. Yes, large chunks of you can make an easy toodle challenging, but the views are great from the top and shapely calves are the byproduct of the effort spent.

THE KEY: Taking on smaller nooks and neighborhoods is the key to walking the city, something that the burg's excellent tour companies have down. Eager to know a bit more about North Beach or the Gold Rush, and get some air and exercise? Washington Square Inn of North Beach has a stayover-n-stroll deal afoot.

THE STAYOVER PART? You'll bed down in the 15-room property, a property that has roots back to 1910. The area, of course, is much older; the Inn's co-name-sharer Washington Square Park sprung up in 1847. So shall you hear colorful local stories on your walking tour, if you choose to go on one during your stay? The Inn is offering a $20 credit per couple for a trio of walking tours via its "Footloose in San Francisco" package, which also offers 20% off regular room rates. You could take on...

THE GOLD RUSH... which is another walking tour possibility via Walk SF Tours, the Inn's go-to walk company on this deal. Rowdy tales of the 19th century and stiff drinks -- that's seems fitting -- are part of the Gold Rush walk. The Chinatown & North Beach tour includes tastings, and the Beats? Choosing that stroll gets you into the Beats Museum. Three good gallivanting choices to choose from, and a hotel with wayback roots to boot. Yep, you can walk San Francisco, if you do it a hundred times over and not in one fell swoop. A good goal? Over a lifetime? Why not start now?

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