Holiday Show Send-Up: Cartoon Dump

There are certain seasonal shows we've seen so often we could probably stand up in front of our television and act them out, "Rocky Horror" style, so the thought of a send-up of cartoon-y shows made strictly for adults feels cathartic to us. Happily, Cartoon Dump is here to help, and the monthly night of mayhem, awful animation and full-on strangeness takes on the elements of the season.

But don't take your seat expecting Yuletide cheer and meaningful lessons of love and how wishes really do come true if you scrunch your eyes tightly enough. Comics like Frank Conniff -- otherwise known as TV's Frank from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" -- Erica Doering and Kathleen Roll play characters you almost could -- that's *almost* -- see on a kids' television show, but with names like Moodsy Owl and Compost Brite, you definitely won't.

Cartoon whiz Jerry Beck has reeled up some really terrible, excruciatingly horrible cartoons (we're guessing with a dash of fa-la-la to them), and Joel Hodgson -- also of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" -- may stop by (he's a frequent guest).

Like a splosh of vinegar that cleans out the sugar burnt onto a sticky pot, Cartoon Dump has a way of making it okay to return to watching all those holiday shows once more...

Cartoon Dump: Moodsy's Xmas Special!
Tuesday, December 23, 8PM
Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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