Holidays Get a Side of Va-Va-Voom

A Monday night burlesque show's annual holiday salute.

Famous for theme nights with an outlandish bent (in addition to very beautiful, old-school burlesque moves) the Monday Night Tease crew has taken on Tarantino films (including routines saluting "Pulp Fiction" -- the mind reels), the Muppets, and other subjects that makes one pause and wonder if a burlesque show can go there.

Oh, they can, and they will, and the holidays are up next. On Monday, December 21 at 3Clubs in Hollywood, Scarlett Letter, Veronica Yune, Miss Angiecakes, and more delightful dancers bring a dash of spice to seasonal routines (do they make feathered boas in tinselly red and green? We're guessing yes...). Magician Joseph the Conjuror hosts.

Last year Monday Night Tease indulged in a bit of pancake juggling during the holiday show -- yep, the juggling of breakfast foodstuffs -- and the hearty singing of carol-type songs. Sounds like the stage equivalent of an extra shot of rum in our egg nog for sure. Whatever is in store for the 2009 Holiday Show, count on it having a bit of cheerful cheek.

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