Holly's Playboy Cooler and More Reality-Themed Sips

You know the corner bar. It's got a cocktail named after Mike, the guy who sits at the end of the bar every day from 6-7PM. Local. Homey. "Bartender, I'll have a Mike, please, with a splash of soda." Quaint.

We also have bars in Los Angeles -- hope you're not shocked by that revelation -- but our spirit-serving establishments are often cheek-by-jowl with places where celebrities film shows and movies. So it is only natural when drinks get named after them, as Maggiano's at Farmers Market has recently done.

What's Maggiano's next to, anyway? Well, stand right in front of the restaurant, look north, and you may see a giant building with a ginormous eye on it. Yep, it's CBS Television City, Maggiano's neighbor and a place that both "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol" have called home.

And, to be extra neighborly, we're assuming, the bar at Maggiano is mixing up a veritable slew of reality-ish cocktails. It's a long list, but here are a few highlights: the Melissa Rycroft drink is called "The Wedding Cake Martini," Ty Murray's tribute sip is the "Rodeo Jewel" and Adam Lambert of "American Idol" has the honor of having "Adam's Rockapolitan" named in his honor. Oh, and, of course, there's "Holly's Playboy Cooler" (the pineapple and Kahlua twist sounds tasty to us).

We remain curious about who has slipped over after work wraps next door to sample their eponymous sip (rumor is some famous names have). Now that is mighty meta indeed.

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