Hollywood Mommying Totally Its Own Thing

Much has been made of Candy Spelling's and Tori Spelling's respective (and dueling?) books flooding the shelves of bookstores at the very same time. One could notch the fascination up to many things -- including the ongoing mom/daughter drama, which, for whatever reason, continues to live on and on and on in the media -- but we think it has to do with the general obsession with being a kid in Hollywood.

Robin Williams famously said that Tinseltown is like high school with money (well, like ten different people have riffed on that observation). Everyone's a bit kid-like here, so when a star is raising her own brood, it becomes an instant attraction. Exhibit A: Tori Spelling, who was a famous Hollywood tot, and who now has Hollywood tots of her own. Full circle, and all that, but Tori has made a very public point of living a little less ostentatiously (no bowling alley, we assume, in her current house).

If you follow the Hollywood moms, and pore over all the tot pictures in all the tabs, get to Barnes & Noble at The Grove for Tori's April 20th appearance. She's signing "Mommywood" and chatting up the fans and talking about that rarefied world of growing up Spelling. It's one thing to have to outrun the paps, but we're not sure we could do it while pushing a pram... 7PM, Barnes & Noble at The Grove, 189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles.

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