Kelly Pendergrast

We're tempted to say "Holly would what?" but we shall refrain. We're guessing the cheeky name of this major experimental media festival thrown by Freewaves is an ode to the open-mindedness and anything-goes nature of Tinseltown, especially when it comes to video, expression and the arts.

Freewaves, a collective of smart people (including several curators from points around the globe) who make cool things and think big ideas, stuffs its Hollywould festival to its glorious gills. Are you thinking merely screenings? Au contraire. We're not simply talking screenings here, although there are many in the festival. Think also installations, people shaking their moneymakers in the street, musical bicycle bells, uproarious improv, cameras suspended from balloons, fascinating walking tours and complimentary poolside hors d'oeuvres.

Several of the works are love letters to Tinseltown -- "Los Angeles Plays Itself" is one film on the bill, a must-see for every denizen of this marvelous megalopolis -- while other screenings and performances explore a bevy of forward-thinking notions.

Hollywould: Freewaves 11th Festival of Experimental Media Arts
The Roosevelt Hotel, Kung Pao Kitty and numerous Hollywood locations
October 10-13

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