Housekeeping Camp: 2017 Opening Date

You need some Yosemite time in a traditional camp-style setting? You got it.

CONVEY YOUR CAMPING LOVE: How do you possibly and adequately, via words and gestures and facial expressions and even some interpretative dance, explain your affection for Yosemite Valley in the springtime to a person who doesn't know you? There are, as some often say, truly no words, not if you feel an abiding, steadfast connection to the Place Where the Waterfalls Reign. Ah yes, springtime means lots of falling droplets, all over the national park's famous valley, and the desire to find a comfy rock and watch your favorite fall do its thing over several hours on a perfectly breezy April day is one shared by many. Perhaps you only need tell this inquiring stranger that your love for Yosemite in April is as tall as Bridalveil Fall and as solid as Half Dome. Accurate? Too poetic? Not poetic enough? Thought so. It sounds like you need some time in one of the best-loved spots on this planet, in an old-school, adored-by-many camp. We are, of course, talking about...

HOUSEKEEPING CAMP, which officially debuts on Friday, April 14, 2017, "weather permitting," just in time for all of that waterfall action (which can have a number of impressive weeks, let it be known). There are campfire rings for grilling at this camp, and views of Half Dome (sigh) and Yosemite Falls (sigh again) and a base that's but a short walk to the Merced River. As for where you'll sleep? Look for "concrete structures" complete with "canvas roofs and privacy curtains." There's a slew of to-knows, of course, and amenities, and tips, and all the good stuff you might need to know before your first trip to the camp, or just as a refresher, so get up on firewood 411, the pet policy, the camp store, and, yep, bears. Are the waterfalls calling? And the trees and river, too? How about every little twig and pine cone? Yep, it is time to once again say hello to outdoor, waterfall-awesome living, as Yosemite National Park yawns, stretches, and awakens for the spring.

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