Houston Brothers and Livigni Bringing French Aphrodisiacs to Melrose

Twin brothers Mark and Johnny Houston already ignited East Hollywood with La Descarga, their theatrical Havana-inspired rum bar. Their next bar will be in the old Forty Deuce space on Melrose, with GM Steve Livigni in charge of operations. Last week at La Descarga, Livigni shared some details about the still-unnamed venue, which should debut by July 15.

“It’s going to be French inspired, Parisian inspired, so a lot of French products,” says Livigni, who mentioned Champagne, aperitifs, Champagne cocktails and "softer cocktails" among the offerings. He added, “The kind of undercurrent of everything, from the food to the cocktails, is going to be aphrodisiacs, things that altar your state of mind, legally.”

No matter the aphrodisiac, Livigni and the Houstons are trying to figure out the best way to send people on a particular path. “Is it a sexy night with you and your girlfriend or you and your boyfriend?," asked Livigni. "Is this a night you want to get loose and meet people? There will be an element of emotion brought into all the cocktails too.”

The food will also involve an aphrodisiac element. Livigni said to expect “”things you crave, food that makes you happy…things like chocolate, things like cheese.” [Feast LA]

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