“Hunger Games” Cast at the Grove

Actors'll be making for the Barnes & Noble; wristbands are mandatory.

If you're a fan of "The Hunger Games," you're probably a seriously true-blue fan. The Suzanne Collins-penned trilogy has garnered millions of devoted readers and a big Hollywood movie to boot, not to mention hundreds of track-every-detail sites.

So, how to celebrate the first film's upcoming release, if you are such a devotee? Wherever you live, practically, you can find a theater, or reread the books, or dress up as your favorite character (we like the colorful, outrageous style of Effie, personally).

But if you live in Southern California, and you can make it to The Grove on Thursday, March 22, you can actually celebrate the film's release with the actual people in the film, or at least some of them. That's pretty dang big, right? So big that Barnes & Noble at The Grove -- where the evening event is going down -- will start handing out wristbands at 9 a.m.

Do day-long queues get more exciting? Rarely.

The cast members are not listed on the bookstore site, but a few of the goings-on are (think raffles, trivia and, yep, signings). We're pretty sure happy rumors will be flying about who is set to show.

If you want something signed, there are a few to-knows, like buying a book at the location. You'll want to read all, especially about that limited quantity of wristbands.

So, who do you want to meet most?

Also, you do know that Farmers Market'll start serving coffee and donuts long before the 9 a.m. line time? We're just saying that for the early birds. There will be early birds, too, and cheers to them.

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