Ice Age Insect Survey at the Tar Pits

And you can be a surveyor. Cool. Buggy. Cool and buggy.

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John Audley

The Lost Lizards of Los Angeles -- the Natural History Museum's recent call to locals to keep an eye out for squirmy, web-footed creatures darting about Los Angeles -- was quite the hit with fauna lovers, people keen to step up when asked to participate in science-minded surveys.

Now NHM is asking the public the help with an Ice Age insect survey at the Page Museum on Saturday, Nov. 20. Brian Brown, Entomology Curator for the institution, will lend expertise, but it will be your insect-looking-for skills that help make the day a success.

And, something else buzz-buzz-able: It is free to participate. (Well, after admission to the Page, that is.)

If you're someone who can spy a small speck scurrying up a wall at 20 yards, and you have a mind hungry for the wonders of science, contact Anna Holden to snag a spot. She can be reached at 323-857-6300 x111. Time of the survey is noon-2 p.m. on Nov. 20.

And if you're wondering why you'll be out by the pits, peeking under leaves and such, the purpose of the Ice Age survey is to discover what insects were up to then, what they're up to now, and what went down in the time during. In a nutshell. A very important nutshell.

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