If You Think Your Screams Are Hot Stuff, Prove It

It's not every day that people are encouraged to scream, like really scream, and not with laughter, and not quietly, in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Raising your voice in such a matter could attract unwanted attention and terrify tourists.

But on July 1, the attention will be wanted, and welcome. That's when Madame Tussauds is holding screaming auditions. (Cheers, and chain-rattling groans, to Creepy LA for pointing us, with a long, bony finger, toward this one.)

Wait. We need to chew on this. Gnaw, more like it. Have we ever heard of auditions for *screaming* before? No. No we have not.

It's all in the name of finding the best scream to play inside the famous wax museum, which is due to open its Hollywood branch in August. Of course, the recorded yowling won't just merely play as visitors walk in the museum's front door; nope, it is going in the Alfred Hitchcock area, which seems perfectly fitting and creepy and spine-tingle-ish to us.

Scream your little heart out at 10:30AM on Wednesday, July 1 at the Chinese Theatre, which is located just to the east of the not-quite-open museum. Maybe some lemon tea and gentle resting of the vocal cords is in order until your big, "ahhhhhhh!!!!" moment arrives.

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