If Your Bartender's Sporting a Kilt, Here's Why

The universe may be swallowed by a thousand suns, and time may end in a tetrahedramillion years, and someone somewhere will still be waggling their eyebrows and making innuendos about men in kilts. We don't get it. William Wallace? Thousands of roaring warriors roaming Scotland's highlands? And, for our final exhibit, if it may please the court: Sean Connery. You wouldn't waggle eyebrows at Wallace and you would certainly not cluck at Connery. Because kilts are all man.

Whisky giant Glenlivet supports kiltery, too, and wearing a kilt for a very noble reason. The famous spirits company has designated April 2 as "Wear a Kilt to Work" Day, to raise funds for healthcare organization Direct Relief International. We're raising a glass to the niceness of that, and to an ancient sartorial superstar we're always happy to see. Especially when it shows up at the office for a day. Can wearing a kilt in your cubicle make the soul soar? We believe yes. And, soon enough, you'll be back in those pressed khakis in no time, wishing you were, instead, mad in plaid.

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