If Your Getaway Keeps Getting Away, Get Help

Beyond a perfectly mixed Manhattan and a surprise sunset, there are few things we like more than a mondo travel show. Oh, the brochures, the pamphlets, the deals, and the coupons, all filled with exotic places and swaying palms (palms are never motionless in fantasies) and beaches so soft you'd swear they were made from your favorite childhood blanket.

And if there was a big plane in the sky, and if each seat was occupied by a big travel show, the Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show would have a plum sleeper cabin in first class, where it would sip frosty mimosas and practice conjugating verbs in five different languages. It's that experienced, that cool, that hip to the globe.

Let's start with the exhibitors at this extravaganza, happening the weekend of February 14-15 downtown. There are dozens upon dozens, from hotels, lodges, airlines, outdoor adventure outfits and tourism boards. There are panels -- even Europe-whiz Rick Steves and spunky TV hostess Samantha Brown are expected! -- and workshops on just about everything short of where to pack your shampoo so it doesn't squirt all over your underthings.

Whether we're able to leave our living room or not this year, we'll be there. Because the dreaming/planning/anticipating is like 90 percent of the joy.

Los Angeles Times Travel & Adventure Show
February 14-15
Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles

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