Impatient Workers Await Gift Basket Arrival

December's here, and so is the fervent desire, on the part of employees everywhere, to see delivery people hauling giant, cellophane-crinkly gift baskets through reception and into the conference room. People who normally count calories and heat up frozen entrees and generally stick to fruit-based snacks throughout the year view the twelfth month as the time to do some heavy-duty consuming of miniature muffins, and with good reason. It's the holidays. The year has had its challenges. A little celebratory eating? It's practically office culture.

We've chosen three of our favorite local spots to order the big basket (or Santa boot or hollow snowman) from. While Harry & David, Mrs. Field's and the other nationals do a brisk business in the stackable tower trade, here are some tasty LA-based bites:

Snookie's Cookies: A gobble-it-up Glendale institution, with really soft, breakable discs of deliciousness. Why get complicated? We love the chocolate chip best. One year, before we headed out to a fancy holiday dinner, we accidentally ate eight in one sitting. Well, "accidentally" is a stretch.

Joan's on Third: While we adore the sweets this time of year, we think the Something Savory basket from this Beverly Hills-adjacent gourmet-a-teria would hit the salty, wine-loving spot.

Fancifull Gift Baskets: Close to Paramount Studios and brimming with a wide variety of basket-ready themes; any food that arrives in a miniature sleigh is a-okay by us. You can also visit the Fancifull HQ to see where the basket wizardry happens.

What's the best thing to find in the office gift basket? Muffins? Cookies? Tiny, triangle-shaped cheeses?

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