In Good Company

 Russell Ward, co-founder of The Confluence, seeks to rebuild the embattled music industry model. He is constructing his own select socially conscious lifestyle portfolio composed of fashion, music, and artists. 
What better place than L.A., the hub of music marketing?  
On a overcast balmy Sunday afternoon at the 3rd Street Promenade, Ward, tall and boyishly charming, sips his black coffee. Conversation flows easily and one gets the sense something exciting is going to happen.

“With the diminishing record label industry, the new power is going back to artists and managers. We are trying to provide ourselves leverage in the situation instead of hoping for a label to get marketing, booking, licensing... The labels for the most part are invested in a failed model. We can fill the gaps in the artist’s profile."
“It’s never been a better time for elbow grease to be converted into awareness and subsequent success."

Confluence defined is a coming together of people, things and ideas. Ward's progressive brand is the coming together of a select community that he has carefully cultivated. He and his partner, Adam Krim, met through music and shared values. The start-up began with online and offline marketing products and bringing consumers together.
They led with their passions and knew that success would follow. It has been over a year since they've teamed up and their public launch tour in L.A, San Francisco and San Diego, collaborations with Flaunt Magazine, Project Hope and a hustling street team, have kept the partners busy. Confluence's music stable includes, Vokab Kompany, AdamandEvil, and Blvd.

“Music is just a branding exercise and with our relationships we knew we could bring effective channels... We're blessed to select bands we want to work with.” Ward said.
Ward's acquisitions give power to the collective thought. What resonates with him emotionally he believes will resonate with his target audience.  The newest addition, THE823keyproject, creates one-of-a kind skeleton key necklaces. The project gives grants to artists and enables the consumer to track proceeds.
He grins, understanding the challenges ahead  and finishes his coffee, “Relationships are the new currency.” 
With Ward and company in the game, the future of social media is a beautiful thing.

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 AdamandEvil play at Bardot on Wednesday.
Vokab Kompany play Friday night on the West Side at the Dakota Lounge.
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