Independence Day on the Mountain

SUMMER ON SKIS: Remember last winter? How certain parts of the Golden State were less than golden? And how the rain and snow came down in memorable quantities? If you were in the Sierra during some of those heaviest snowfalls, your recall is probably extremely fresh. But heavy driftage in the winter time can often spell one of the oddest of summer phenomenons: skiing on Fourth of July. Certain parts of Tahoe will be opening the slopes, and Mammoth Mountain is offering a Freedom of Choice package over the long holiday weekend.

THE DEAL: The "Choice" part in the package name refers to the fact that adult visitors will get a $200 gift card that they can put toward ski tickets, or golf, or bike park tickets. The asterisk is you must stay three or more nights (and the nightly per-person rate kicks off at $109), but given that the Fourth of July falls on a Monday, that might just be possible. There are some other to-knows, so before you line up your poles and your board shorts, best read all.

OH, AND ONE MORE THING: The deal is lasting through July 6, but note that the slopes'll be open over the holiday weekend, meaning July 4 is your last day to ski. We should also add that the area got 55 feet of snow over last winter, so even the summer skiing should be pretty sweet.

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