Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology

Tickets are now on sale for a swashbuckling exhibit headed for Santa Ana.

Discovery Science Center

DIGGING ON DIGS: Not many professions get the swashbuckling shot in the arm that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" gave archaeologists over three decades ago, and we're not sure any job has looked cooler on screen since. True, most smart people who spend their days with tiny brushes and helpful measuring devices and other tools of the trade rarely make a dead run for a moving plane, only to find a snake in their seat, but it is still a highly interesting profession, and certainly one that aspring archaeologists should know more about. Enter Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, an exhibit set to make its U.S. debut at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana on Friday, Oct. 12. If that still seems a ways away, take heart, adventurer: Tickets went on sale on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

IN THE SHOW: There'll be lots of Indy for the fans, but also a learning angle too, of course; "we will help uncover the mysteries of our ancestors," intones the rousing, theme-song'd video. No fedora is required to get in, though we're sure plenty of people will be quoting lines like mad ("throw me the idol and I'll throw you the whip"). And, of course, you're not far from Disneyland, where Indiana Jones is reminding us that he hates snakes several times a day in one of the theme park's most popular attractions. Can't wait? There's video, globe trotter. Watch now:

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