Inflatable Adventure at Newport Dunes

The warm-weather, water-fun playground debuts on Memorial Day Weekend.

SPRING BREAK... is flowering across much of Southern California, and as families hit the road to see the sequoias, or the beach, or an amusement park, or all of the above, conversation naturally turns to the approach of summertime. It's a matter that's frequently raised by the person having the most fun in the group, though that can be hard to quantify, of course. But when you're out living it up over the spring holidays, you pretty much want the fun to continue, or at least be within sight. Best keep your sights on this, then, enjoyers of sunshiny good times and happy high jinks: The famous Moe B. Dunes Aquatic Park will open at Newport Dunes over Memorial Day Weekend. If the word "inflatables" just popped into your noggin, well, invite it to get cozy and stay, for this is the destination with all of those large-scale bouncy-house-y type diversions, the ones that sit just a bit off-shore. It's a fresh way to approach an inflatable slide or climb, knowing that, just below and very nearby, sits a whole bunch of Pacific-style H20.

BUT THE INFLATABLES... are only part of the party at this summertime favorite. Movies-on-the-Beach are returning, too, and that same weekend, so after you play all day on the "water playground," you can wrap yourself in your favorite cozy beach blanket and catch a flick from a spot on the sand. Both the aquatic inflatable action and the beach-bound films will run throughout the summer season, from Memorial Day Weekend through to Labor Day, so do note that. And note that Moe B.'s Radiant Ride is a fresh addition for 2016, if you dig "nighttime water-oriented fun and games" (it's a Friday and Saturday night event). 

THE FOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKS... will once again be a sparkly centerpiece at the spot, and those classic pedal boats and kayaks that are seen around the water near the 100-acre resort. It's all pretty darn postcard-y, but it isn't faraway, time-wise, if you're already missing spring break (before it is even over). Details? Don your vest and paddle over here. 

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