“IRIS” Opening in (and on) Hollywood

Cirque du Soleil is debuting a new show at the Kodak.

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Montreal's madcap clowns have taken on subjects of a whimsical and eerie nature (see: "Mystere," "DraLion," for example). They've gone underwater in Vegas (hi, "O"). They've ventured into the realm of the Fab Four, and the King ("The Beatles LOVE" and "Viva ELVIS,"" respectively).

What's next? Hollywood's next, as in the place and the idea. It was just announced on Wednesday, Sept. 22 that Cirque du Soleil will somersault into the Kodak Theatre in the summer of 2011, bringing with it a new show brimming with cinematic spectacle.

The new production is called "IRIS," and that is indeed a reference to a camera. Like all shows in the works, there are mysteries and secrets surrounding "IRIS"; no photos yet exist, just the poster, pictured above. But we do know that the show will be "a fantastic voyage through the history of cinema and its genres," says the company. Also, video will be incorporated, in addition to stagework, which makes sense for anything saluting the movies.

We can't wait to see the clowns take on silent films. Is that a kind of perfect pairing? Keystone Cop-like antics and Cirque du Soleil pantomimery? Or wait. Harlequins reenacting famous scenes? Norma Desmond dancing on stilts? The mind reels over the reel-based clowning to come.

Also, of very interesting note: Cirque says this will be a "year-round" show, save when the Academy Awards are on.

The "On Sale Soon" sign is still up at the Cirque site, but we'd check back, and often, if you want an early crack at tickets.

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