“Iron Man” About Town

Stop by Point Dume. Say hi to Tony for us if you see him.

Pretty Point Dume and the movies go wayback.

You're thinking of the Statue of Liberty and the dramatic "Planet of the Apes" shot, right? Or maybe of Iron Man's unbelievable house (unbelievable, in part, because Point Dume is a California State Preserve). Meaning plenty of seabirds call it home, but few superheroes.

But we're mad for Tony Stark, we're suspending disbelief, and we're poring over Jaunted's quick look at "Iron Man 2" spots around Los Angeles. Randy's Donuts. We'd break a cruller with a metal-laden man any time of the night.

Point Dume is on the Jaunted roster, of course. If you want to drill a bit deeper -- and find out about the Mystery Mesa -- best check out the full IMDB list, which Jaunted kindly links to.

And nooot to be spoiling for the handful of people who didn't catch the movie opening day. But the tag at the very end of the credits. Harry Medved of Fandango clued us into where it is, and that it is actually subbing for a different state. The actual location is California, but giving the fictional place would be all spoiler-y. Definitely wait for the credits to wrap, location hounds.

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