Irvine Park Railroad: $2 Rides

Take a discounted spin on the adorable, family-cute train.

EVERY BIRTHDAY IS A BIG BIRTHDAY, of course, and even if a tradition or must-do seems small, it holds some once-a-year magic. But there are those cake-related, candle-adjacent occasions that do hold a higher level of attention, if the greeting card aisle at the local drugstore is evidence. A 1st birthday is huge, and a 16th, and a 50th, too. And your 21st? You can bet there are cards for just that. But what happens when a popular family attraction marks its 21st? Nope, you don't need to buy a greeting card for the destination, nor are you required to show with a bouquet of balloons or cupcakes. But what you can do, if the Irvine Park Railroad in Orange is a favorite, is get to the long-running, family-cute train on Saturday, Feb. 25 and Sunday, Feb. 26, and have just a couple of bucks in your pocket for a ride. That's right, to celebrate its 21st anniversary Irvine Park Railroad is treating its fans to a gift, in the form of a discount. That means...

$2 TRAIN RIDES... during the weekend-long, free-to-enter anniversary celebration, in honor of the railroad's original prices when it debuted in 1996. You'll want to know that that price is good just during the anniversary celebration, which is on each of the weekend days from 10 in the morning through to 4 o'clock. And that price is per person, so make sure your whole crew has their pair of dollar bills ready for the ride. But the $2 savings continue, too, at the concession stand (where a number of treats'll be priced at $2, including hot dogs). And the balloons? They're free, for the tots, who'll get their own string-sweet souvenir from the day to take home. If your fam has done the old-fashioned railroad on a holiday, like Easter or Christmas, call a late-winter ride a bit of an unusual treat. But celebrating a big birthday, such as a 21st, is pretty important. Stop by and show your support for this local gem. 

QUICK THING TO NOTE: There is an entrance fee, for cars, to the park, so check out the fee before you head over.

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