Is LA Fire-Happy?

Oh, Onion, we love you for calling us on our allegedly self-inflicted drama.

Before you get all offended, we just want to say upfront that of course there’s nothing funny about California wild fires, or fires of any kind. That said, after a season of numerous destructive blazes (not to mention a bummer of an economy), we could all use a good laugh. Besides, who’s better at laughing at themselves than Angelenos?

Leave it to The Onion to figure out a way to make scorched earth a good thing with this video: Californians Gather to Celebrate Annual Wildfire Tradition.

The satirical mag mocks our habit of being shocked and dismayed every year when dry, fire-prone areas spontaneously combust. What about the refusenik houses on stilts that just will not stay put on their precarious mountainous perches during mudslides? Or stubborn stucco houses that insist on cracking just because they’re built on a fault line?  We’re sure they’re next on the mock block.

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