Isabella Rossellini Considers Bug Sex, Plus More Flicks

A solid but varied shorts program? Sign us up. A solid but varied shorts program that puts the focus on female directors? Even better. It's no headline that female directors too often get the short end of the stick (or is that the short end of the megaphone/directorial riding crop?), so when American Cinematheque fashions a full night devoted to their work -- as they are doing on January 7 -- we applaud.

What can audiences expect? The two headliners are directors who made their names in acting. Kirsten Dunst's "Welcome" stars Winona Ryder, and Isabella Rossellini's "Green Porno" explores the mating habits of insects (we've seen a couple of these shorts and have heartily recommended them to every person we know, whether they like bugs/sex/"Blue Velvet" or not). "Why We Wax" sounds extremely intriguing -- hopefully the film will answer the question once and for all -- and the other flicks on the line-up come in a variety of stop-motion-y, serious-minded flavors. A discussion with some of the directors, as well as a reception, is also on the schedule (check out the site for attendees and full details).

Fourth Annual Focus on Female Directors
Wednesday, January 7, 7:30PM
The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood

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