Items for the “Star Wars” Table


LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKS: Kotobukiya is the company behind 'em. Gizmodo alerted us to them. And they're not quite available yet (but put them on your calendars, Jedis; the company says 2010). Because, of the many devices and characters and thingamabobs that the "Star Wars" universe touched upon, we can all agree on lightsabers. That they're cool. And when they're lifting a piece of broccoli, the coolest. From Kotobukiya

"WOOKIEE COOKIES: A STAR WARS COOKBOOK": It had us at C-3PO Pancakes. The Crazy Cantina Chili is tempting, too. But are we supposed to wait an hour before boarding our X-Wing Starfighter? We're probably safe. And we're definitely displaying this treasure somewhere prominent in the house. Because, the title. How could you not pick it up? $16.99, via the Star Wars Shop

MOS EISLEY CANTINA PINT GLASSES: Because everyone knows that beer is a fine accompaniment to chili, and if you're making Crazy Cantina Chili, you'll want some of the foamy stuff. Plus, Mos Eisley. It's pretty toasty there, yes? Best keep the frosty sips nearby. $19.99 for two glasses, via the Star Wars Shop

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