It's a Vintage Kind of Weekend

Janet Klein, Charlie Chaplin, and Art Deco fun are just ahead.

So you have your fringe-laden, drop-waisted frock all gussied and pressed for the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival? Don't stow it just yet. You'll want to wear it for several vintage-sweet doings around Los Angeles on Labor Day Weekend.

Of course, none of the events below actually require you to show up in a boater and spats. But, really, if you've got them, why wouldn't you wear them?

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys: That ukulele-strumming sweetheart is kicking things off on Thursday, Sept. 2 with a show at the Steve Allen. She has a new CD for sale -- it's called "Whoopee Hey! Hey!" -- and you'll be able to purchase it at the show.

Cinecon Classic Film Festival: Thursday, Sept. 2 is opening night for this Hollywood-located cinextravaganza that's focused on flickery gems from the 1920s and '30s. Bonus: It runs all the way through Monday, Sept. 6. A title that intrigues: "The College Coquette."

Charlie Chaplin Month: That's what September is at the Silent Movie. Chaplin films aren't playing every night during September, note, but we'll eat our shoe if there isn't a whole bowler hat of Charlieness just ahead. Including "The Great Dictator" and "The Gold Rush" on Saturday, Sept. 4.

Sweet & Hot Music Festival: Standards get their due for four croon-filled days at the LAX Marriott. Jazz and boogie and big-band-ery will get the love, too. Sept. 3-6

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