It’s the New Oscar Trailer

Comedy and cameos rule the minute-plus spot.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Plenty of people cite the go-to Academy Awards hallmarks each and every year. But, oddly, a lot of the standards cited tend to be inside the show, like the ever-present dance numbers and the funny guy talking to the animated character that magically appears onstage.

We like a lot of the Oscar traditions that show up outside of the show itself, like the annual spots and trailers. The trailer for the 84th Annual Academy Awards just went up -- the show is on Sunday, Feb. 26 -- and it won't disappoint if you like your cameos, your cheeky action, and a winky-wink appearance from the host.

One can't say too much about a 1:08 spot without driving directly into Spoilerville. Oh wait. There is a texting joke that arrives bearing buckets of twinkle. Take that, lesser texting jokes everywhere.

And Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel are in it, we will reveal, especially since they're pictured above. Yep. Josh Duhamel in a mustache. Happy Friday!

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