Join a Giant Small World Sing-a-Long

Fans'll warble the famous tune in honor of the ride's 50th.

Paul Hiffmeyer

YOU KNOW THE WORDS: If you've ever been in a car, or at a party, and a famous song comes on the radio, someone is apt to yell "everyone sing!" It can be a stressful command, because even if a tune is pretty timeless not everyone in the car or at the party'll know every last line, meaning some people dominate the chorus and some people meekly hum in the background. You know what the exception to this is? You guessed it: the song that plays inside ''s a Small World," the Disneyland attraction that's all about children from around the planet united in joy, song, and happiness. Right? We're not assuming here, surely? Everyone knows the words to this ditty playing, over and over, as we type, inside the Magic Kingdom's clock-tick-tock-iest ride. Everyone. People who were last on the ride in 1972 can sing it right now, at the drop of a hat. There's a reason that the Sherman Brothers' classic is well-known (and so often tributed and parodied). So, when we tell you that a "global sing-a-long" is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, does that faze you? No? Because you know all of the words? Yes, you do. It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...

IT'S A WORLD OF HOPE... The attraction is marking its 50th anniversary in 2014, and the planet-big -- or at least thousands-of-people big, which is very big -- sing-a-long commemorates the anniversary. Visitors at Disneyland, Walt Disney World in Orlando, and other Disney theme parks, as well as cast members, will join together to sing the world's most singable song. If you can't make a park you can head to the official 50th anniversary site, where you can record yourself singing (a donation by Disney will be made to UNICEF for every submitted video). The attraction debuted at the 1964 World's Fair, by the by, and has become one of those legendary park staples, truly. Has there ever been a song composed to match its stick-inside-the-brain-ivity? Nope, there has not. For more information on the April 10 multi-park song-fest, click.

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