Jordan Downs Makeover Can't Come Fast Enough

Even though residents of Jordan Downs demonstrated about conditions at the 700-unit public housing project in Watts last month, it doesn't sound like much has gotten better, writes The Wave's Leiloni De Gruy. Those who live at the project, owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, complain about trash, rats, mice, spiders and more: "During the protest, large photographs of dilapidated buildings were shown with what appeared to be rust, lime residue and acid from old bird droppings along the walls. Yet, housing authorities contend that repainting the development would be a waste of funds since they plan to tear down the buildings and construct new ones in about two years." The problem is just that: the makeover may not come for two years, leading residents to wonder why the walls can't just be painted in the meantime. John King, HACLA director of intergovernmental affairs, tells the paper the makeover of Jordan Downs, estimated to cost between $500 million-$700 million, would include “a one-for-one replacement of all public housing units, with an influx of additional affordable housing, workforce housing units and a small number of market-rate units." (But it doesn't sound like any of the money is nailed down for the renovation.) The Jordan Downs redo procedure is chaotic? Well, that's nothing new.
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