Juicy Jamboree: Sacratomato Festival

The capital's flavorful week lands at several top restaurants.

THE MULTI-FACETED FRUIT: Not every foodstuff can easily cameo in lots of different dishes and types of cuisine, but the tomato shines brightly in this arena. It's a fruit, and an especially juicy flavor-packed one, but unlike its sweeter fruitly siblings the tomato is more apt to end up in savory dishes, rather than desserts. Oh, that isn't to say you can't eat it straight off the vine — a cherry tomato, hot in the sunshine, is akin to candy — and it does appear in sweeter forms like jams and dressings. But it rules the culinary school in pasta sauces, and chunky pico de gallos, and even plain tomato sandwiches, the kind that have a good mayo and some salt and pepper. Because the tomato grows so darn well in the Golden State, and because it is forever a fruit that is finding fresh starring roles in traditional dishes, several chefs in Sacramento pause each July to pay dinner-delicious tribute. Yes, we speak of the lively, juice-dribbly, seed-tastic...

SACRAMENTO TOMATO WEEK, which isn't the sort of festival where tomatoes are tossed; rather, the tomatoes are tossed in salads, and spread onto toast, and diced onto a bed of ripe avocados. The dates are July 18 through 23, 2016, Midtown's Sutter District is the host, and the participating restaurants include Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, Biba, and INK Eats & Drinks. Special tomato-y dishes shall be featured at all of the on-board eateries, but if you need your tomato tastiness in full flower, head for the Sacramento Tomato Festival on Saturday, July 23. The making of salsa, flavorful demos, and samples are part of the high summer confab.

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