Jules Verne, Meet John Wayne

The adventurer society spotlights a cinematic hero.

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One might, at first glace, assume that modern-day Jules Verne Festival might only celebrate those people and ideas that came to prominence during the long-ago day of the Mr. Verne. Oh, we're thinking H.G. Wells here, and steam-powered machines, and the inventors of self-turning cogs, and such.

But the group has broader visions, much like the writer they revere. It's dedicated to "the spirit of adventure and curiosity through entertainment." Which means that actors who have symbolized that very notion often get recognized and feted. And pilgrim, look who is next for the Festival's honors: John Wayne.

"John Wayne: Tribute to a Hollywood Legend" is scheduled for the Cinerama Dome at ArcLight Hollywood on Thursday, Nov. 10. The Jules Verne Festival has invited a bevy of Wayne enthusiasts and family members to participate. Patrick and Ethan Wayne, the star's sons, will be in attendance; other celebrities will be part of the night, says the festival organizers.

And the movie that night? "True Grit."

Tickets are now on sale, and certainly John Wayne fans should act sooner than later. But wouldn't John Wayne himself? A man of action. And certainly a man given to the high spirit of adventure, which makes the Jules Vernests the perfect people to remember the star.

General admission is $25; VIP is $45.

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