June Gloom, the Beer

Clouds in a bottle? Nope, it's a new brew from a new Venice brewing outfit.

When is June Gloom not June Gloom?

It's not a trick question. SoCal's famous springtime gloom can arrive a month ahead of time as May Gray. It can stretch past the Fourth of July, on rare occasions, as it happens to be doing this year.

And it can be in a bottle, in beer form, if that beer happens to be from the new Venice Beach Beer Company. The brewhouse debuted last month -- kind of perfect timing, month-wise, given its already buzzy beer -- and while it has a few labels going, the one named after a particular local weather event intrigues.

June Gloom, says a company rep, is "an untraditional White Belgian beer combining the taste of coriander and orange peel." Doesn't sound all that gloomy, though the spice element does invoke a chillier time of year.

Venice Beach Beer Company announced on July 6 that June Gloom is now being sold at Whole Foods in Venice, but there are a number of outlets already stocking the dark-sky-inspired suds. Let's also mention that the company is also brewing a batch called Venice, which is an American amber.

Three questions: Do you think sales of June Gloom will spike, well, during June Gloom? Or perhaps people will sip it throughout the year to summon that atmospheric, fog-sweet month?

And finally: When will these current cloudy mornings end? Hello, weather? We're well into July now. Just sayin'. The sun should be out. Thank you.

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