Kid Go-Outs Around San Diego

HARD TO BELIEVE: Yep. It's hard to believe that we're in the middle of July, and it is hard to believe that we use the phrase "hard to believe" year in and year out to describe the fleety nature of time. We know the summer season will eventually reach its apex, and back to school ads will begin to appear and yet. And yet. And yet we use the words "and yet" yet again to describe how we're never quite ready. If you're looking at prepping for school again, and haven't put the family into the wagon for a vacation, San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau has a few downtown tips on where to go (and that's beyond the big parks, assuming you'll already be making a Sea World or zoo run).

WE LIKE... The Ghiradelli Soda Fountain in the Gaslamp, which has the power to cheer the tiredest of tots via gobs of hot fudge goodness. (Okay, you know there will be a sugar rush, but there you have it.) The USS Midway Museum is also an interesting choice. If you do make a family-fun San Diego visit, and you're waiting for the 405 work to wrap, note that Comic-Con lands at the convention center on July 21, and pretty much full takes over the Gaslamp area. And let's be honest. The city at large, as it should and is expected.

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