Kimpton Hotels EarthCare Week

EARTHCARE WEEK: It isn't often that a posh hotel serves as an electronic waste recycling station. Is "it isn't often" the words we were looking for? Maybe we meant "never." But Kimpton Hotels near and far will be taking your old printers and retired computers on April 18-20 as part of its EarthCare week initiative. It's no coincidence that the boutique chain's EarthCare Week falls over Earth Day, and it's no coincidence that recycling will be one of its main goals. But, this being Kimpton, there will be an art show, wine drinking, and eating, too.

LIGHTS OUT POWER HOUR: The hotels are known for their complimentary vino hours, but during EarthCare Week, the switch is getting flicked, and hobnobbers will be sipping that chard by candlelight. There will also be a Pop-Up Eco Art Exhibit at a few of the hotels, and a Pedometer Challenge (your pet is invited to participate), and food demos involving farmers market finds. In short, a lot of stuff in a short time window. Get info, and get ready to see Kimpton employees dressed in cowpoke gear if you do haul your computer in for recycling; the event is called "Recycle Round-Up." Ka-cha! Note that "Ka-cha" is the rather vague sound of an old monitor being lasso'd. But we're guessing you kind of got that.

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