“King of Kong” King Attempts Donkey Kong Record

Fans of video games, of sweet-natured underdogs, of people reaching their dreams one hard-earned point at a time? We're as crazy as a square quarter over all of these things, and of course, "The King of Kong," the 2007 documentary about Donkey Kong players going for top score. That these guys going for all the glory were well into adulthood made it all the more poignant. That their characters and lives popped off the screen made the doc a critical hit, and an instant geek-boy classic.

Now Steve Wiebe, the laid-back, easygoing Kongster from the flick, is at E3 in LA attempting to take back his crownSee the video from the morning of June 2 (the competition started at 8AM/Pacific); it is fairly compelling. Next big online trend: live watching of game playing? Maybe.

Go Steve!

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