Kiss My Bundt

The petit four? The madeleine? Cobbler? Turns out the tasty heir to cupcakes in our fair city may well be the humble Bundt, thanks to the recent debut of Kiss My Bundt. When hearing of this new bakery, our first thought was, "will we be lugging one of those huge bad boys grandmama used to make when all we want is a bite-size treat?"

The happy answer: no. Kiss My Bundt has sent that heftiest of cakes into its own special Shrink-o-matic, turning out petite and sweet little jewels. Flavors include red velvet (which, let's be honest, is everyone's favorite flavor when it comes to small bites, or second after chocolate), banana, lemon pound and 7-Up, which intrigues. And, if you've sampled the wonders of Bundt before, you'll remember that it is all about the glazes that pool in the Bundt's ridges and valleys. Count on glazes by the goopy spoonful at Kiss My Bundt: vanilla sugar, orange, mmm...

We've been on Mom to toss that rusty Bundt pan she keeps stored over the fridge for some years now. But, as always, Mom was clearly onto something big.

Kiss My Bundt, 8104 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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