Kisses: Three Things


KISS BENCH: Oh my. Long day. The longest. Trudging up the stairs. Mail's eh. No magazines. No letters from exes saying sorry forgive me. But then... you walk in, and you see this piece of furniture. A big juicy kiss of a bench, meant not to be kissed, unless kissed by your backside. The red pow, the voluptuous shape, the fact that you have a giant romantic thing-a-bob in the middle of your room. Things may improve. Studio 65 via Modern Seed, $625

KISS KISS THE FIRST KISS: Celebs were reported to have flocked to this Jules Smith necklace -- people like Anne Hathaway, says The Smart Stylist -- and we see why. It's got a bit of cheek, the sort of languid, opened mouth. And they're lips. No explaining to people what your jewelry is all about. There are different sizes, including petite; The First Kiss is $185 and comes in sterling silver, and two gold vermeils -- rose and yellow.

KISS GUITAR PICK EARRINGS: As in KISS Guitar Pick Earrings. All capital letters KISS. In case you are intent on rocking and rolling all night, and would like something shiny dangling near your ears as you party every day. Really. This might be one of the best hostess gifts ever, but we think we'd have to get a pair for ourselves first. We like the shiny, and guitar picks? Eternally bad, bad like good. Via KISS World Online Official Store, $12.95

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