Kites, and Lots of ‘Em, Over Redondo Beach

Watch bright stretchy fliers sail over the sand, for free.

That whole "in like a lion out like a lamb" label that the month of March has firmly affixed to its back bumper can really mess with things. Like, picnics, or walk-a-thons, or new 'dos.

But a breezy, winter-meets-spring month is also the ideal time to unfurl some string and send a giant, multi-colored fabric square up into the sky. That exact act is going to happen, again and again, when the Festival of the Kite gets flying at Redondo Beach on Sunday, March 13.

Kites have been around longer than the festival, of course, but the fest has put in an impressive 37 years. We'll attribute that to the fact that see hue-popping shapes above sand and ocean is just one of those sights that can never, ever get old. Also, it's free.

We like free. We also like the other things happening around Redondo Beach Pier and the fest, like a Taiko drummer show. Also, the kites won't all be massive and technical and straight-from-the-factory. There's a contest for best handmade piece, meaning a lot of heart will also be on display.

Hours are noon to 5 p.m. And the one guest we're counting on being there? Wind. We hope it shows. Even the wind likes free things, right?

Festival of the Kite is hosted by the Sunshine Kite Co.

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