Knitters Take It to the Streets

SKEIN SCENE: Even if you're not part of the urban knitting or knit graffiti movements, you likely want to take your talents out into the streets and show off your scarf-making mojo. That mojo is celebrated 100-fold during Worldwide Knit in Public Day, when the employers of yarn and makers of lovely things gather in groups and get those needles a-workin'. (Now that we think of it, is "100-fold" a knitting term? We feel like we should know, or learn. To the knit store we go.) That date in 2011 falls on Saturday, June 11, although there are several doings from June 11 through June 18, depending on the location.

CALIFORNIA COZIES: A whole basket full of get-togethery'll be going down around the Golden State on June 11. Knitters will meet at the San Juan Capistrano Regional Library for some creating, while the Santa Rosa set is making for Starbucks. LA is going a bit frou-frou with a visit to the Standard (who is going to make cozy for the Standard's sign? Someone, please.) Find your spot, pick out your best yarn and accessories, and get impressing the public at large.

HISTORY: Worldwide Knit in Public Day was founded in 2005; socializing and friendship are two tenets at its heart. We'll also guess a few new knitters have come into the happy fold, too. Is "happy fold" a knitting term? We feel like it should be.

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