Koalapalooza at San Diego Zoo

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PLACID TREE DWELLERS: While some animals are prone to remind humans of other animals -- sorry, brook trout, we sometimes cannot distinguish you from lake trout, although we're really trying to work on that issue -- a koala is totally and utterly a koala. "Unique" is a word much bandied about, but the eucalyptus-obsessed marsupial more than lives up to what uniqueness means. And the San Diego Zoo will be honoring the plump and placid beastie with four days of activities.

KOALAPALOOZA 2011: Have you cleared your calendar from Feb. 18-21? There's a lot going down at the Zoo. An Aussie Outback Tour. The naming of a joey. Music a la the didgeridoo. And all sorts of opportunities to feast your eyes on koala-y goodness. There's a reason a thousand plush toys have been spun off from this animal, and the general oh-ing and awww-ing from the crowd promises to be epic.

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